Handmade Christmas Decoration out of the cones !

In winter you can find many beautiful and practically the same cones, of which, let’s try to make a small Christmas decoration in a room where there is a herringbone. The hands that homemade is created about thirty minutes, and of course the collection of material will take much longer. Cones perfectly decorate any space and give the festive mood. We also add pieces of pine needles and other extra things.


That’s what we need:

1. Cones;
2. The ball of foam or foam;
3. Glue gun;
4. Pliers;
5. A couple of sprigs of trees;
6. Brown braid;
7. Branches with shiny beads for decoration.

These things are not hard to find. Glue gun at people who are doing has to be. Cones and spruce twigs we will gather in the park. The ball of foam or foam, ribbons and twigs with sparkles in the form of circles buy.

Novogodnee-ukrashenie-iz-shishek-svoimi-rukami 1

The most important and difficult start. Take the white ball as a basis and are wound on his brown belt. So, what would be on the one hand was the place for which you can hang crafts, and from the bottom side just hung a long tail.


Then start to stick bumps. Pour more hot glue and gently putting a cone, one after the other.

Novogodnee-ukrashenie-iz-shishek-svoimi-rukami 2

When the cones glued, crafts decorate fir twigs. Using wire cutters cut the beautiful pieces of twigs are inserted later into a ball. And, of course, reinforce their original glue.

Novogodnee-ukrashenie-iz-shishek-svoimi-rukami 3

At the end of glue branches with brown shiny balls.

Novogodnee-ukrashenie-iz-shishek-svoimi-rukami 4

The tips of the cones can paint the colors if you want. It will be nice to decorate crafts extra things, all at your request.

Novogodnee-ukrashenie-iz-shishek-svoimi-rukami 5

Christmas Decoration of the cones with their hands ready. Easy hack to create fans.


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