rotary cutter (optional)
weights (optional)
fabric cutting board
fabric scissors
sewing machine

Step 1 – Pick your fabric.

You can use sherpa, hemp fleece, flannel, and velour for cloth wipes. I decided to use flannel because I found a nice blue designed one in the remnant bin at the fabric store. This project can be done super cheap! Be sure to check your local fabric store in the remnant bin, red tag/clearance section and always look out for sales and don’t forget to use a coupon! To make about 24 wipes, we spent less than $4 (I already had all my other supplies).

Step 2 – Decide what size you want for your wipes.

This might be good to know before you go shopping, depending on the fabric you get. For me, since I got one fabric out of the remnant bin I was stuck with a certain size. I got just under 1 yard of fabric and made 3 different sizes of wipes – 6×8, 7.5×8.25 and 7x.8.5 These are the dimensions before sewing, so they ended up a little smaller due to seam allowance.

Step 3 – Measure your fabric and cut.

I used a rotary cutter but fabric scissors work too

Step 4- Pick your matching thread and set up your machine

Step 5- There are a few different techniques for sewing the cloth wipes.

You can keep your wipes as 1 layer and just zig-zag stitch or serge the edges so they don’t fray. But I made double layer wipes.
A- Lay down your 2 fabric pieces so the “right side” (the top, the piece you want to see when it’s finished) is facing the inside. You should see the “wrong side” for both pieces of fabric. Pin down if need be.

B- Sew around all 4 sides of your cloth wipe but on the last side leave about 1.5inches unstitched

C- Push the fabric through the hole that’s left so the “right side” is facing out again.

D- Push the extra fabric sticking out of the hole inside and iron down (iron all the edges too while you’re at it)

E- Sew around all the edges on the top
F- Trim any extra thread

Step 6- You’re done! Just repeat 23+ times

(or however many wipes you plan to make)

Step 7- Wash your cloth wipes.

Use baby friendly detergent before using on baby. (We use Method Free and Clear for HE washers)

Step 8- Now your wipes can be used.

There are many things cloth wipes can be used for, here are a few examples:
-to replace of disposable wipes for baby (for a wipe solution check out these recipes)
-wash cloths at bath time
-spit up rags
-cover private area when changing diaper so you don’t get peed on
-to wash off faces after eating
-dish cloths
-family wipes (to replace toilet paper)
(*note: I recommend that you use each set for a specific purpose. For example, do not use your wipes at a diaper change, wash them and then use them at bath time. Make separate wipes for each specific reason.)