How to make flowers from old tights

Use old colored tights and some wire to carefully craft these beautiful flowers which you could use to as a pin or a hair accessory, or you could even use some different colors and create a bouquet!

Handmade Flower
Handmade Flower




Supplies : Stocking material (tights), thin golden metal wires, green tape and thread.




Cut metal wire into eight equal lengths.


Handmade Flower
Handmade Flower


Join the ends of each metal wire and twist to join to give a petal shape.




Now cut the tights into squares in required size ; the piece should completely cover the metal wire petal when stretched.




Pieces of fabric from tights and petals.




Now place each metal wire petal diagonally on the square piece of fabric and pull the edges from all sides and tie the edge using thread as shown in the figure




Make 8 petals for this flower, you can increase or decrease number of petals as per your interest.


Handmade Flower
Handmade Flower


Fold a length of metal wire twice and wrap the green tape on the top to give a bud shape.




Now tie each petal around the bud, by placing them side by side.




Run thread several times around to make sure that petal is stiff and not moving.




Now at the bottom of the flower where all edges meet start wrapping the green tape. Run the green tape throughout the wire.




This is how it looks.




Your beautiful flower made from tights is ready. Make a bouquet and present or use it for dressing your hair, this beautiful flower will definitely attract compliments.