– Rose (3 to 5 cotton)
– Laurel leaves
– Chocolate  hearts
– Teddy (small)
– About 15 cm high glass jars with round or square mouth.
– Red ribbon
– Wire, bamboo sticks
– Drag


 Step 1:

– Pour the chocolate is submerged 2 / 3 bottles (you remember that on the heart rate turned out).

 Step 2:

– Cut the floral foam so that its larger size glass bottle and soak it in water.

– Wrap the bottom half of the sponge with plastic bags, and A flooded into the glass.

 Step 3:

– Cut two 12 cm long bamboo stick, forcing close to the body to keep the bears.

– Attach the bear into a corner of the piece of foam.

Step 4:

– Tie red ribbons and wires attached to the corner next to the bear to build buzz.

Step 5:

– Plug the laurel cord around the sponge to form a circle (about 5 wires laurel is just).

– Small Tip: Do you remember how to plug the laurel branches covered a body sponge.

Step 6:

– Cut the rose stems to about 5-6cm.

– Plug the three flowers in front of the bear.

Step 7:

– Forced to add a red ribbon at the bottom of laurel branches as picture

 Finished it!