Handmade Recycled Gift Bows

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Home Crafts


Old calendar or magazine



1) Using your scissors, carefully slice out a page from your calendar or magazine and cut the page into nine ½-inch


2) Trim off the top of each strip so that you have 4 different sizes: 3 strips at 8.5 inches, 3 strips at 7.5 inches, 2

strips at 6.5 inches, and 1 strip at 5.5 inches. Recycle the leftover scraps of paper.

3) Starting with the longest strip of paper, twist one end as shown and secure into place with the glue stick.

Repeat on the other side so both end have been twisted and glued into place. 

4) Continue this process until 8 strips have been twisted and glued. Curl the smallest strip into a circle and secure

with glue. 

Home Crafts

5) Now you’ll assemble the bow: starting with the 3 largest strips, criss-cross into place and secure with glue.

Continue layering with the 3 medium strips and then the 3 small strips. The circle will go in the middle of the bow.