Handmade Unique Cherry Beads Earring – Jewelry Making .

We recently created the earrings from beads , these were two elongated version, one orange , the other yellow. In this article you will be shown how to make a cherry earrings from beads with your hands. Creation is very original, and above all beautiful. Under the appropriate style, homemade looks amazing and original. Creation of earrings will take you about half an hour, if you are a savvy person in the case.


Materials are needed:

1. Green small beads;
2. Two large red beads;
3. Small pieces of wire leaves;
4. Two carnation on wire type;
5. Six rings (picture presented only two);
6. The fastener.

That’s all we need for a home-made, but you can still take the pliers.

Sergi-vishenki-iz-bisera 1

Take a piece of wire to the leaves. At the edge of making a loop and bend in half the workpiece. Those. We attach the correct form of the sheet.

Sergi-vishenki-iz-bisera 2

We put on a green small beads almost all the way, leave a small tip.

Sergi-vishenki-iz-bisera 3

At the other end of the same loop that we do in the beginning.

Sergi-vishenki-iz-bisera 4

Between the two threaded ring eyelets.

Sergi-vishenki-iz-bisera 5

On one earring will one leaf, respectively, in two – two sheets.

Sergi-vishenki-iz-bisera 6

ON threaded stud big red bead.

Sergi-vishenki-iz-bisera 7

Depending on the size of cloves should be followed to put small green beads, it took me nine beads.

Sergi-vishenki-iz-bisera 8

At the edge Fold the loop.

Sergi-vishenki-iz-bisera 9

For one earring will need two similar cherries. Making the second and threading them into the ring.

Sergi-vishenki-iz-bisera 10

Are bonded to each leaf rings and cherries.

Sergi-vishenki-iz-bisera 11

On the third ring will Shvenza. All rings are threaded into each other.

Sergi-vishenki-iz-bisera 12

We make two earrings on both ears.

Sergi-vishenki-iz-bisera 13

That’s what we poluchilos.Yarko, colorful and festive.

Sergi-vishenki-iz-bisera 14

Sergi-vishenki-iz-bisera 15

Sergi-vishenki-iz-bisera 16


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