Handprint Butterflies – Celebration of Spring Crafts.

 Celebration of Spring Crafts
Celebration of Spring Crafts


 1 piece of cardboard or posterboard
 scraps of thin paper (tissue paper)
 glue
 scissors
 poster paints or markers
 pipe cleaner (optional)
 popsicle stick (optional)

1. Trace child‘s hands (fingers together, not spread) on a folded piece of cardboard and cut out shapes. You should have four hand-shaped pieces.
2. Paint the Popsicle stick in any color or colors and allow to dry (I was out of popsicle sticks so I just cut another piece of cardboard).
3. Tear up pieces of paper (we used tissue paper, but you could also use scraps of left-over wrapping paper or, for a completely different effect use newspaper).
4. Paste paper on the cardboard, overlapping the pieces of paper and adding more paste as necessary (we used a glue stick, brushing on watered-down paste would also work well).
5. Fold excess paper over and paste down to the back side of the wings (if you used thicker paper, you might need to use scissors or an exacto knife to trim).
6. Glue wings to overlap in the shape of a butterfly.

7. Paste the popsicle stick body over the wings. You can wrap the entire stick in pipe cleaners, just wrap the head (this is what we did), or not wrap it at all. If you choose to use pipe cleaners, you can use your pencil to curl the ends of the antennae. Otherwise, you can paste the butterfly on a piece of white paper and use a marker or paint to add in the antennae.
This is a great opportunity to begin discussing the Holocaust on an age appropriate level, such as this:
―As we made the butterfly, we talked about how wonderful it is to chase butterflies in the spring. I told my daughter that once there were some children who liked to chase butterflies, just like her. Unfortunately, there were also some cruel people who did not understand that children had a right to chase butterflies and run in the grass and live their lives. I explained that we are making this butterfly for these children and also for us–so we never forget.‖