Really brighten up the Christmas tree this year with these hanging votive holders. It’s a simple way to deck the halls with color and light. Fun Christmas crafts, like this one from Coats and Clark, will help you celebrate the holiday season this year.

Recycling Ideas
Recycling Ideas



 Coats All-purpose Zippers, 7″, 3 zippers
 Dual Duty XP® general purpose, to  match colors of wool balls
 Glass vase, 4″ diameter round – 1
 Wool balls, 1/2″, 3
 Wool ball, 1 1/2″, 1
 Jump rings, 4
 Electric votive candle, 1
 Hand sewing needle
 Hot glue



1. Unzip the 3 zippers.
2. Glue the bottom ends of the zippers together at 120 degrees from each other (or equally spaced from each other) with the two ends slightly overlapping each other.
3. Glue the top ends together overlapping them and aligning each with the opposing zipper side.
4. Stitch a jump ring to the large wool ball and then hot glue it to the top of the zippers.
5. Link each jump ring to each of the zipper pulls and then stitch each of the small wool balls to each jump ring.