By: Jane Bernard for Finding Fabulous
This hemp wrapped wine bottle from Jane Bernard is one of the coolest, easiest things to make with wine bottles. Recycle your empty bottles into stylish home decor using little more than glue and hemp cording.

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• Large wine bottle
• Hemp rope
• Elmers glue

1.I started this project with tacky glue, but quickly realized that good ole’ Elmer’s glue works better. It doesn’t set up as quick and gives you more time to make any adjustments to your rope. I started the rope at the bottom of the bottle and glued every other time I wrapped the rope around the bottle.

Microsoft Word - Trash to Treasure eBook    Microsoft Word - Trash to Treasure eBook

2. The bottom section of the bottle is where I used the most glue. The middle I used much less. And the top where the bottle gets smaller I used more glue again to keep the rope from gaping and showing the bottle underneath.