Use spackle, cake decorators and some other materials to create a Santa in seven easy steps.


 STYROFOAM Brand Products:
 Cone, 12″
 Wreath, 4-1/2″
 Balls, four 1″
 8 oz. Spackling compound
 Acrylic craft paint: red, pink
 Cake decorator with tips
 Doll’s eyes, 7mm black, two

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 Pink beads, 3/8″
 Serrated knife
 Table knife
 Paintbrush
 Toothpicks
 Pencil
 Old candle
 Fine grit sandpaper
 Low temperature glue gun and glue sticks


1. Wax serrated knife with old candle for easier cutting. Cut 2″ section from wreath ring; cut  remaining wreath in half, forming arms. Positioning arms slightly downward, glue to back of cone; insert several toothpicks through arms and into cone for extra support. Let dry.

2. Outline the face area with pencil. Cut one 2″ ball in half; glue halves to face for cheeks. Compress cheeks with fingertips, forming pressed, smooth surface.

3. Thin 1 tablespoon of spackling with water. Brush thin coating of spackling on face and cheeks.
Let dry; sand lightly. If needed, add second coat. Let dry; sand lightly.

4. Paint the face pink. Mix small amount of red paint with pink for cheeks; paint cheeks. Paint remaining cone red. Let dry.

5. Glue two foam balls to ends of arms for hands.

6. Prepare spackling compound to use as icing. Place 1/2 of spackling medium in bowl and whip with table knife until smooth. Add water, 1/2 teaspoon at a time, till smooth and thin enough to extrude through cake decorator. Conduct a test run; add more water if necessary.

7. Using round tip, pipe on swirls for beard and hair; add eyebrows. Let beard dry a few minutes and break off excess spackling by tapping gently with fingertips. Using open star tip, pipe on trim around hat and sleeves; when dry, add second layer. Add a single layer of trim down center and around bottom of coat. Add a dab of spackling to top of cone; press foam ball into spackling.


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