This colorful tissue wreath can be used year-round, but it’s especially appropriate for the holiday season. Tissue paper and ribbon bring this craft together into one lovely piece.


 STYROFOAM Brand Foam:
o Wreaths: 9″ X 1-1/4″ X 3/4″; two 6″ X 1-1/4″ X 5/8″
 Coordinating grosgrain ribbon, 1″ X 1/2 yd.
 Brightly colored tissue paper, several large sheets in assorted colors
 Scissors
 Pencil
 Ruler
 Optional: Rotary cutter, cutting mat and metal ruler
 Optional: Straight pins
 Thick, white craft glue

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1. Set aside 40 tissue pieces for 9″ foam wreath and 20 pieces for each 6″ wreath.

2. Fold each tissue piece in half lengthwise to measure 2″ X 6″. Cut 1-1/2″-long fringe along folded edge, every 1/4″. Leave strips folded.

3. Wrap and glue top edge of first fringed strip, opposite fold, around one side of wreath. Glue and pin ends at back to secure, leaving fringe loose.

4. Wrap and glue second fringed strip around wreath, 1/2″ below first and under fringe; pin ends if desired. Wrap and glue remaining tissue strips around wreath in same way until surface is completely covered. Repeat to cover all three wreaths.

5. Use scissors to make small holes in center top and bottom of 9″ wreath (A) and one 6″ wreath (B); make small hole in center top of remaining 6″ wreath (C). Using photo as guide, position wreaths on work surface with B in the center.

6. Cut one 8″ and two 4″ ribbon lengths. Glue ends of 4″ lengths into holes in wreaths, joining A and B and B and C together. Glue ends of 8″ length into hole at top of A for hanger; pin to secure.

1. You will need a total of eighty 4″ X 6″ pieces of tissue paper to cover all three foam wreaths. To save time, stack several layers of tissue paper and use rotary cutter to cut multiple 4″-wide strips. Combine strips into stacks and cut multiple 6″ lengths at a time.

By: Kathleen George


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