Aluminum can
Drill or hammer and nail
Sponge brush
Decoupage glue 
I used Mod Podge
Tissue paper
Soil and flower to plant

Step 1: Drill 4-5 holes into the bottom side of your aluminum can to give your planter some good drainage. You can use a drill or a hammer and nail. If the aluminum is a little pokey after you drill the holes, hammer down the sharp points.


Step 2: Measure and cut out your tissue paper to go around the can. Allow the tissue paper to overlap by 1/4″ around the can and about 1/2″ above the can to fold inside.


Step 3: Using your sponge brush, add decoupage cream to your can for the glue.


Step 4: Add your tissue paper on top of the can and press, making sure to get it in all the grooves of the can. Be careful not to rub the tissue paper too much or it will tear from being wet with glue. Also glue down the extra area of tissue paper at the top, folding it over and gluing it down. Let this dry completely.


Step 5: Now add a coat of decoupage to the outside of the can, over the tissue paper, to help seal it there. Let this dry completely.

Step 6: Once your tissue paper can is dry, it’s ready for some soil and a flower plant. You can also add a little ribbon or ric-rac for some flare. Have fun celebrating this summer with flowers!