handmade decoration is very interesting , it make things around us relaxes our

eyes .

How beautiful to eat by candlelight.Decking always adds a touch of beauty to the

things around us.

handmade decking for candles


Step 1:

Cut 6 pieces of ribbon 8” in length and 3 pieces in 10”.

Step 2:
Take one 8” ribbon and gather the two ends together. Do the same for another 8” ribbon and one 10” ribbon.

Hold the ends of the three ribbons together and twist them together using a piece of wire.

Step 3:
Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the remaining ribbons. Fan out the ribbons in each bunch.

Step 4:
Arrange pillar candles. Place one bunch of ribbons each in between the candles.


handmade decking for candles

Tug sprigs of branches or berries in between the spaces of candles.


Step 6:
Sprinkle glitter sparingly over arrangement to add sparkle.