Tutorial on how reinvent mini jewelery box with flowers made from Italian dough. 

Home crafts 

Home crafts

Materials Needed:

  • Old jewelry box
  • Italian dough in red and green color
  • Glue gun
  • Tooth pick
  • Lacquer spray
  • Golden spray paint




  • Grease your hands with petroleum jelly or cold cream so that the dough will not stick to your hands. Then
  • take some red dough and flatten it on your palm. Roll it into a rose bud
  • Now make two small and three large balls with the red dough
  • Mold them into drop shape using your fingers and flatten them on your palm to shape them like petals

  • Now press the petals around the rose bud, starting with the smaller petals and ending on the larger ones
  • I made twelve small and one big rose for the middle

  • Take some green dough form a ball and shape it into a drop
  • Flatten it on your palm and shape like a leaf
  • Form impressions on the leaf using tooth pick to give details
  • I also added some red shade on the leaves using color
  • I made six leaves for the jewelry box

Leave them to dry and spray lacquer for protection when they dry

Clean and spray the box and it’s lid with the colored spray and leave it to dry. Arrange your flowers and leaves on
the lid and paste them using glue gun

Home crafts