How to make a Beautiful Handmade Gift Box – DIY .

When you give a gift even the smallest is always a problem where to put it. Now I will tell you how to make a box with his hands, that she was a beautiful and festive. You can certainly do it from the usual cardboard and then decorate, but it is better to take a colorful cardboard or heavy paper. Decorating the end of the best bright ribbons or beads. I will tell you in advance, we will use as a starting stencil a CD, if you like very much the big box or search a huge stencil, or have to manually draw circles, or a large compass to search. Make the box is very easy, you are in it now for yourself.

How to make a beautiful box home

To create a beautiful box, we need:

The CD drive.
A beautiful piece of cardboard.
Ribbon for decoration.
Sometimes you need to restore borehole lined with s that would be better bent cardboard.

So we’ll start with the fact that prepare all the tools that we need. You make this box will be able to very easily and if the minutes natreniruetes 5-8 will be easy to do.

How to make a beautiful box 1

Take cardboard, turn over its inner side facing you, put back a CD and draw out his pencil.

How to make a beautiful box 2

Just move the drive that would be a small part of the climb on the last draw out and circled again. Rascherchivaem as shown in the photo.
There is one trick, in the middle of the trace drive, we draw a discreet cross, and focus on the corners of the cross.

How to make a beautiful box 3

Spokes direct the internal drawn lines, not much, just what would then easily could bend them.

How to make a beautiful box of 4

cut blank for the box, it is almost ready, it remains only to bend all the parts that we raschertili initially.

How to make a beautiful box 5

That box will appear when you start to bend the edge.

How to make a beautiful box 6

The outer side of the cardboard box beautiful so I do not decorate only zamatal tape that she had not broken up, initially putting back a gift, you can glue some natural side.

How to make a beautiful box 7

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