How to make a bookmark for the book from polymer clay .

How to make a bookmark for the book from polymer clay with their hands, the master class for the fans of this type of craft. Polymer clay original material and requires expertise that would be out of it to create beautiful and useful things. If you like to read the book, the bookmark you just come in handy.


Necessary materials:

1. Polymer Clay, 5 different colors – dark brown, light brown, dark green and light green, orange;
2. Copper wire is thin;
3. Acrylic paint – black and white;
4. Various brushes;
5. Stacks;
6. The sheet on which to create;
7. Knife;
8. The water-based varnish.

These are the materials can prepare a homemade creation.

Kak-sdelat-zakladku-dlya-knigi-iz-polimernoj-gliny 1

Take the wire, and align it to the end of making curved hook. Take a light green clay and roll length. The thickness less than 1 millimeter.

Kak-sdelat-zakladku-dlya-knigi-iz-polimernoj-gliny 2

We roll out a similar piece to length and put it on top. Take a rolling pin and roll the light pressure on the surface. The total thickness should be from 1.5 to 1 millimeter. A knife trim the edges and thereby align them. Wire Get inside.

Kak-sdelat-zakladku-dlya-knigi-iz-polimernoj-gliny 3

Create a crown of the tree. Again, roll out a piece of light green clay with a thickness of 1 millimeter.

Kak-sdelat-zakladku-dlya-knigi-iz-polimernoj-gliny 4

On top put the same piece. Is rolled with a rolling pin on both sides and trim the edges around.

Kak-sdelat-zakladku-dlya-knigi-iz-polimernoj-gliny 5

It’s time to sculpting. Sculpt twigs dark green leaves and orange-colored fruit.

Kak-sdelat-zakladku-dlya-knigi-iz-polimernoj-gliny 6

Take the needle and draws the thicker texture. On the branches and the trunk, leaves, and as dots on the fruit.

Kak-sdelat-zakladku-dlya-knigi-iz-polimernoj-gliny 7

Overturn the future tab and gently, without pressing too hard to create a similar pattern on the reverse side.

Kak-sdelat-zakladku-dlya-knigi-iz-polimernoj-gliny 8

We decorate our bookmark beautiful owl. We do it out of dark brown and light brown polymer clay. The trunk, snout, eyes, etc.

Kak-sdelat-zakladku-dlya-knigi-iz-polimernoj-gliny 9

Zatoniruem trunk and branches of dry pigment. Accordingly, large and small brushes. The next steps of product bake in the oven, written instructions on the package of polymer clay.


When the product cools need to decorate an owl and everything else black and white acrylic paints. At the end of cover crafts lacquer for polymer clay.

Kak-sdelat-zakladku-dlya-knigi-iz-polimernoj-gliny 10

Example of a bookmark in a book about magic wands .

Kak-sdelat-zakladku-dlya-knigi-iz-polimernoj-gliny 11

It looks great!

Kak-sdelat-zakladku-dlya-knigi-iz-polimernoj-gliny 12


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