How to Make a Chocolate Bouquet – Crepe Paper Flower Bouquet !

Outside, it’s spring, gentle mood. I came up with the idea to make a floral arrangement with candy corrugated paper with his hands in gentle blue color, because with the arrival of spring comes to life all around, even the sky is getting brighter. Plus, such a composition that the candy can be eaten, but the song itself remains without damage!

The composition of the main candy

To work you will need:

– Corrugated paper white;
– Disposable paper cup;
– A small piece of foam;
– Chocolates 5 pieces;
– Decorative leaves;
– decorative flowers;
– Skewers;
– A pair of scissors;
– Thread;
– acrylic paints;
– The brush to paint;
– Glue.

Composition from chocolates 1

Corrugated paper cut into strips 5 cm wide. It will take 5 strips.

The composition of sweets 2

Each strip is carefully cut into three equal parts full.

The composition of sweets 3

A little above the middle of the paper to curl, and it turns out so that’s “Butterfly.”

The composition of sweets 4

In place of twisting bend the paper.

The composition of chocolates 5

Closer to bend take the paper with both hands and stretch the “ears”. For one candy need three petals. Thus do two more petals.

The composition of chocolates 6

Skewers cut into lengths of 7-10 cm.

The composition of sweets 7

For candy putting a petal and skewer.

The composition of the 8 chocolates

Then putting a second petal slightly overlapping the first.

The composition of sweets 9

Similarly, we are putting a third petal.

The composition of the candy 10

Under tight candy zamatyvaem thread. Thus, we connect with candy skewer and three petals.

The composition of the candy 11

The process is clear, now just as do four more flower with candy.

The composition of the candy 12

Now that all the candy “hidden”, proceed to the decoration of the pot. I propose to paint it in the color of the sky, as well as in the color of ornamental flowers. The paint is diluted to the desired color and stained glass to her. You can initially use a clay or ceramic pot, then it will not have to decorate.

The composition of the candy 13

At the bottom of the glass glue foam and insert it skewers with floral sweets .

The composition of the candy 14

Circling glue decorative leaves.

The composition of the candy 15

Between candies glue decorative flowers.

The composition of the candy 16

In the center of the composition glue small decorative chamomile.

The composition of the candy 17

The composition is completed, it is already possible to give.

In order to get a piece of candy, a flower to open, cut the candy at the bottom of the package and remove.

The composition of the candy 18

The composition of the candy 19

The composition of the candy 20

The composition of the candy 21


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