• brass ring or green willow
  • sinew or wax thread
  • leather lace
  • feathers
  • beads
  • scissors
  • glue

In this tutorial im using a 4 inch brass ring and about 5 feet of sinew. Start with a square knot and space loops around the ring keeping them tight as you go. Go all the way around the ring and meet up with the knot.

Now continue going around in the same fashion, but loop around the string so your gradually working your way to the middle. Always keep your loops tight as you go. Add beads sparingly wherever you like as you get closer to the middle. Once your close to middle, tie off the sinew with a square knot and cut the remaining strand off.


Decorating your DreamCatcher

I always like to decorate mine with beads and feathers since it gives them more of a “native american” look when your finished. Just start with some leather lace and do a wrap all the way around the ring and connect the 2 ends with a bead and some glue.

We also connected lace on the sides with beads and turkey feathers to finish it off. To hang your dreamcatcher, you could braid some sinew or use more lace and add a few beads like we did.