How to Make a Fan from disposable forks – Home Decor !

We once did a fan of paper thick, today I will show master class how to make a fan out of disposable forks with their hands. Plastic fork and step photo-report I show. This fan is sufficiently dense and do not just fall apart, although seemingly fragile. I have to say, buy the strongest glue and hack will be better. Such scratchbuild more for home use. Mainly for girls and is an average of 30-40 minutes.

Fan of disposable forks main

Materials for fans of disposable forks:

– Plastic forks, 22 pieces.
– Lace.
– Tapes.
– Clay stronger.
– Cardboard.
– CD drive.
– Pencil.
– Scissors.

Immediately prepare desired. Buy high-quality material.

Fan of disposable plugs 1

Take cardboard, put it on a CD and encircle it.

Fan of disposable forks 2

Cut a circle of cardboard and cut it in half.

Fan of disposable forks 3

Radius around the outside of the fork decompose. So that the upper portions of the forks touch each other. Glue to the paper approximately two centimeters from the edge.

Fan of plugs 4 disposable

From above we impose a second piece of cardboard and glue.

Fan of disposable forks 5

Now insert between teeth beautiful ribbon. It serves as an adornment, and the density of the fan in the air, which can be fan. Between cloves pour glue, but not too much that it would not spoil the beauty.

Fan of disposable forks 6

Here is the fully bonded with ribbon lace between the fork teeth.

Fan of disposable forks 7

Whatever the fork is not very distinguished, as well as for decoration, each glue flowers made of cloth .

Fan of disposable forks 8

In the middle of paste and glue lace, as well as on cardboard flowers with beads.

Fan of disposable forks 9

Top bow ribbons glue and a fan of disposable forks with their hands ready.


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