How to make a Fan paper flower !!

Handmade Fan paper flower !!

Children Crafts 

Children Crafts

You will need the following materials:

P.S. The strip of colored paper is approximately 8cm by 24cm. You can change the breadth of the strip if you

prefer a bigger or smaller fan flower. The length should be 2 – 3 times longer than the breadth.

Step 1 (optional): Use a border craft punch to create the patterns along the longer sides of the paper. Alternatively,

you can use a decorative edge scissors.

Step 2: Fold over and under, working your way down the length of the paper and leaving around 1.5cm between

each fold. The result is an accordion-like pleat of folds.

Step 3: Fold the pleated strip of paper into half and join one end with double sided tape.

Step 4: Open up the fan into a circle and join the other end with double sided tape.

Step 5: Using a glue, stick a paper flower and an ivory button to the centre of the circular fan.

Step 6 – 7: Fold a small piece of green paper into half and draw a leaf on one side. Drawing a leafstalk will be

helpful when attaching the leaf to the stick/stem later. Cut it out and when you open up the paper, you will get

two leaves connected by the thin leafstalk in the centre.

Step 8: Place the stick on the leafstalk and then paste the two leaves together by folding them around the stick.

TIP: Do not position the leaves too near the top end of the stick. The space should be bigger than your fan flower.

Wrap the stick with floral tape.

Step 9 – 11: Fasten the stick to the back of the fan flower with tape. Cover the unsightly tape with a green circle.

The fan paper flower is completed!

Children Crafts