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When we go into a jewelry store, our attention is immediately attracted by the magic decorated hairpins, hoops, brooches, hair elastics. But in a pleasing decoration often defects that make the selected item incomplete, unsuitable for you. But really there to make your original decoration with his own hands, have been adjusted to your taste, style, walk-in closet? Of course! See for yourself right now!

Today, in front of you a master class on making gorgeous brooch at home. Hبow to make the volume of the tape bow with their hands, or rather the right to tie it. There are many options. You can experiment with ribbons, fastening (it may be a gum / barrette – whatever you want).


To produce your original brooches you will need:


• Ribbon rep black, width 3.5 cm -0.5 m.
• satin ribbon Champagne color, width 3.5 cm -. 0.15 m
• Ribbon satin textured, color Champagne, width 2 cm -0.5 m.
• lace black width 2.5 cm -. 0.15 m
• beautiful beads to the middle.
• Sew a basis for brooches.
• a needle, thread the appropriate color.
• ruler.
• Lighter.


Tapes are chosen so that they match the color, texture and look together harmoniously. Sometimes it looks stylish at first glance incongruous textures, for example – leather and lace, wool, tulle, etc. Beads also desirable to choose not bulky, suitable style to create a coherent composition. As the midway, you can also use a cameo, cabochon, decorative flower , etc.

1. Cut the ribbon into 9 sections and lighter singeing the edges:

– Black belt: 2 x 18 cm, 2 x 11 cm.
– Satin ribbon (width 3.5 cm) and lace:. 1 x 14 cm
– Ribbon satin textured: 2h18 cm, 1 x 11 cm.


2. To start making billet: sew ribbons and rings sewn in the middle.




3. On the workpiece, which will be located on top, just sew beads (midway). They should be placed in the middle, vertically across the width of the tape. If the average size of the beads, you need about 4 pieces.


4. Begin the assembly bow . Fold criss – cross 2 items to choose from, sew together.

5. Then turn over and attach using thread and needle to him the basis for brooches


6. We turn our brooch and continue to build – sew the next workpiece . We attach horizontally relative to the last two parts.


7. Then sew the next item to the bows , vertically with respect to the previous one.


8. Finally, sew the top, decorated the blank (with beads).



That’s it! Your unique and unrepeatable decoration ready. You can wear this beautiful brooch with a blouse, jacket, business suit. But it will also be a delightful gift for lovers of creative and original, made with love affairs.


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