How to Make a Handmade Magnet foam flower – DIY .

Decoration refrigerator magnets quite popular hobby. However, apart from the purchase of magnets, not less interesting occupation is the creation of their own hands. Thus, it is possible not only to invest part of their soul, but also attached with it a list of plans for the day.


For information on how to make this magnet with your own hands now and you will learn.

Materials for the work:

1.Foamiran (yellow);
2.Fetr (red);
3.Magnitnaya tape;
5.Kley MOMENT;
7.Lastik (in case you will need to be amended).

Magnit-v-vide-tsvetka-iz-foamirana 17

Now get to work.

1. Take the yellow foamiran and draw on it one petal small. Then, carefully cut it with scissors.

Magnit-v-vide-tsvetka-iz-foamirana 1

2. After that, take the petal, applying it to the rest areas and draw out foamirana. Thus, we have accelerated and simplified his task to create the petals of a flower .

Magnit-v-vide-tsvetka-iz-foamirana 2

3. Cut all the petals. These we must have 12 pieces, no more.

Magnit-v-vide-tsvetka-iz-foamirana 3

4. Take the tape and cut off from it a piece of approximately 1.5 x 2cm.

Magnit-v-vide-tsvetka-iz-foamirana 4

5. Apply a piece of adhesive magnet fast drying.

Magnit-v-vide-tsvetka-iz-foamirana 5

6. Clay first two petals (one in front of the second).

Magnit-v-vide-tsvetka-iz-foamirana 6

7. Then fill the remaining space.

Magnit-v-vide-tsvetka-iz-foamirana 7

8. wait until the glue is completely dry, then you can take up the second layer of petals.

Magnit-v-vide-tsvetka-iz-foamirana 8

9. The next batch of glue on the same principle, in place of the lumens of the lower layer.

Magnit-v-vide-tsvetka-iz-foamirana 9

10. Now, we need to do for the middle of a flower. To do this, take the felt and cut off a piece of it for the entire length of a width of about 1 cm or less.

Magnit-v-vide-tsvetka-iz-foamirana 10

11. We turn off his tube and glue the tip of the spiral glue. Be sure to wait for the complete drying, or felt can unfold while sticking to the flower.

Magnit-v-vide-tsvetka-iz-foamirana 11

12. Now, just take our flower, put on his MOMENT glue and putting a midway of felt .

Magnit-v-vide-tsvetka-iz-foamirana 12

Now this wonderful summer flower can be attached to the refrigerator.

Magnit-v-vide-tsvetka-iz-foamirana 13

Magnit-v-vide-tsvetka-iz-foamirana 14

Magnit-v-vide-tsvetka-iz-foamirana 15


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