homemade necklace

we will need

Bicone Imitation Crystallized Glass Bead

8/0 Glass Seed Bead

12/0 Glass Seed Bead

Alloy Rhinestone Bead

Silver-Color Tube

Iron Jumpring

Iron Eyepin

Iron Chain

Tiger Tail

Main tools in homemade necklaces ideas:

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-Cutter Plier

Round Nose Plier

Step1: Make the skeleton

In the homemade necklaces ideas, to make sure the shape of your necklace charm is the most vital part.

Part1: cut out one 100cm tiger tail wire, and at same time, divided the Silver-Color Tube into two 15mm long

parts, prepare about 12 sections like this. Next, string the 12/0 Glass Seed Bead and 15mm Silver-Color Tube part

alternatively with wire and cross two tips through the last 15mm Silver-Color Tube in addition.

Part2: repeat the processes In part one until get three frames.

Part3: pull back the wire tip to the starting 15mm Silver-Color Tube part and thread the left tip through the left 3

15mm Silver-Color Tube parts, in the meanwhile, add one 12/0 Glass Seed Bead at each angle (ensure each angle

with three 12/0 Glass Seed Beads).

Part4: do the same action to right side to get a complete cubic.

Step2: How to make a handmade necklace more unique

While make your own necklace, to make it more distinct from others’ can be also necessary, here, you can merely

follow the following tips:

Attach one Bicone Imitation Crystallized Glass Bead on each wire tip and then lead two tips across one 8/0 Glass

Seed Bead, at last, add another one Bicone Imitation Crystallized Glass Bead on each wire tip and then cross pass

the opposite 15mm Silver-Color Tube. Keep going until finish the four front faces.

Step3: Make the two side faces

To complete the rest two side faces, you can bead the five beads as the arrows shows in the below picture with

one wire tip.

Then do the same procedures for another side face by using the other wire tip.

Here are the main steps for how to make a handmade necklace charm; the next is to assemble the cubic part

with the chains for getting a complete necklace.

 homemade necklace


 homemade necklace