How to make a squirrel out of clay

Blind squirrel out of clay rather laborious activity, so if the kids do crafts, they definitely need adult assistance. From the master class, you will learn how to make a bend of the trunk, which form blind muzzle and what size must be the tail of a squirrel. To create a home-made with their own hands we will have four colors of clay : brown, black, white, orange. Basically orange color will prevail, the rest of us are blind important fine details.

Squirrel plasticine primary

Additional tools and components is not required, as in the lesson about the owl plasticine . Prepare material and begin to create proteins.

Protein from plasticine 1

Let’s start with the torso. Roll up a small oval of orange, evenly rounded on both sides.

Squirrel plasticine 2

Legs will consist of two parts. To make the first two balls.

Protein from plasticine 3

They need rasplyusnut.

Squirrel plasticine 4

For the second part directly own foot. Small size.

Squirrel plasticine 5

That’s how we connect both sides of the legs.

Squirrel plasticine 6

Connect the legs to the body.

Squirrel plasticine 7

Roll off his head in the form of a ball. Attach the necessary form will be in the end.

Squirrel plasticine 8

Head also shall cleave to the body, but from the top.

Squirrel plasticine 9

We roll down the two front legs of the same size.

Squirrel plasticine 10

For the body of the glue.

Squirrel plasticine 11

For the ears, two small ball should be.

Squirrel plasticine 12

Sharpens the ears with one hand.

Squirrel plasticine 13

Prilep ears on top of his head.

Squirrel plasticine 14

Now the tail. It is almost like body size. On the one hand narrower.

Squirrel plasticine 15

Prilep tail back and Let’s give him the right shape.

Squirrel plasticine 16

Now roll up the necessary details for the muzzle. Four white balls, two black and one brown.

Squirrel plasticine 17

Create the lower part of the muzzle.

Squirrel plasticine 18

Attach the eyes, first white balls.

Squirrel plasticine 19

Then black pellets. And now an important point, lengthen the muzzle proteins, as well as making it slightly humped.

Squirrel plasticine 20

That’s all protein from the clay is ready, we did it with his own hands without any problems, follow the step by step photos and instructions.

Squirrel plasticine 21

Squirrel plasticine 22


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