How to make beautiful paper tulip flowers .

Today you will learn how you can simply do a master class of tulip gofrobumagi and sweets with their hands. In the middle of a we put a piece of candy or a ball of foil, if the flowers are intended only for decoration.

Tulip of the main gofrobumagi

We need:

• sweet or foil;

• tape;
• pink and green gofrobumaga;
• wooden skewers;
• curly and ordinary scissors;
• white thread;
• teip green tape;
• glue gun.

First, you need to fix a piece of candy on a stick. Insert one end of a wooden skewer into the middle of skirts so as not to touch a piece of candy, and wrapped tightly with tape, slightly touching the stick.

If the flower is used for decoration, you can do instead of candy ball of foil and glue it to the end of the wand.

Tulip of gofrobumagi 1

Now cut out the paper petals. It only takes three strip sizes to 18h4 cm. Paper mode only along the corrugation.

Tulip of gofrobumagi 2

One end of the band is rounded using conventional scissors, and the second makes the island, cutting corners curly scissors.

Tulip of gofrobumagi 3

Take one strip and put it in candy, with its sharp end of the paper downwards. Some divide the strip into two equal parts. As one of the band received two lobes, then it must be placed under the middle of the candy. Winding the thread rod with a paper strip.

Tulip of gofrobumagi 4

Thus More fasten two pieces at the same distance from each other.

Tulip gofrobumagi of 5

Fix the end of the thread with glue, and the upper edges of petals stretch. Get wavy edge.

Tulip of gofrobumagi 6

To petals sticking out in different directions, it is necessary to glue the edges to each other and thereby form a bit closed bud.

Tulip of gofrobumagi 7

The lower petals up and raise a stretch only to the middle. Due to the fact that the mid-stretched pointed edge itself is wavy and it will not need to configure.

Tulip of gofrobumagi 8

Fully raise the petals one by one and fasten the edges. The tips of the petals raised bulge itself. We get a head of pink tulips .

Tulip of gofrobumagi 9

Tulip of gofrobumagi 10

Tulip of gofrobumagi 11

Legs wrapped teip green-belt. The end of the tape is attached directly under the bud, and maybe even with the help of glue to the tape is not slipped in the end. Just do and at the end of the legs.

Tulip of gofrobumagi 12

Cut pointy leaves of green paper and fastened to the stem of a tulip , if wrapping it.

Tulip of gofrobumagi 13

Thus it is possible to make a few flowers or a large bouquet of delicate roses of gofrobumagi.

Tulip of gofrobumagi 14

Tulip of gofrobumagi 15

Tulip of gofrobumagi 16

Tulip of gofrobumagi 17


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