How to Make Bracelet of flowers – Handmade Accessories !

The original master class how to make a bracelet of flowers with his own hands, and I’ll show him. This hack is intended only for girls. Kinder flower bracelet can be done on a beach bash, or for summer celebrations. Actually hack is very easy, we do not work with colors, made a spring bouquet , the composition of succulents and a vertical garden . Bracelet I took 15 – 20 minutes of time.

Bracelet of flowers master class main

Naturally, this hack is for one night, although it is possible to feed a little water flowers that they had not wilted.

First we need to prepare the material:

– Scissors.
– Wire.
– Colors with stalk 10 – 13 centimeters.
– Green ribbon for flower arranging.

Flowers take the same type, with the same size and length of stem buds adjust themselves.

Bracelet of flowers master class 1

Take the wire and twist it into a circle. Make the circle of those that would be your wrist tightly held therein. The wires must pass three layers, for strength.

Bracelet of flowers master class 2

Is applied to the wire and flower wrapped its floral tape. Then the next flower, and impose the same fasten belt.

Bracelet of flowers master class 3

Stems are superimposed on each other, the main thing that the flowers themselves were next to each other.

Bracelet of flowers master class 4

Here’s a master class bracelet of flowers have turned. Decoration is very nice if you take bright colors.

Bracelet of flowers master class 5

But because of the homemade flowers looks on a female hand.


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