How to make bridal hair accessories .

Handmade bridal hair accessories .

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Handmade bridal hair accessories .

Materials and tools:

Iron Hair comb

8mm white glass pearls

8mm spray-painted glass pearls

6mm clear abacus glass beads

4mm white seed beads

0.5mm brass brass wire

0.30mm nylon wire

Step 1: prepare wire and add beads
Snip a piece of copper wire long enough for next steps;
Add an abacus bead to center and slide seed bead, glass peals according to your design;
Remember to twist wire several times after a bead slided onto, which makes every bead “floating”.

Step 2: create a beautiful wire ornament
First, continue beading and twisting with much toing and froing, and shape the wire ornament as you like;
When the work is done, cut off the excess wire and tuck the ends into beads to avoid any possibility of poking out.

Step 3: finish the hair accessory
Snip a proper length of nylon wire and use it to combine ornament with comb. Notice to make overhand knots
above the comb teeth, and tuck them into beads as possible.

Accessories crafts