How to make handmade burlap flowers .

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handmade burlap flowers .

Materials Needed:


Yellow floral

Glass vase to fit inside


Gun wax

Yellow ribbon

1. Cut a two-inch strip down the entire width of the burlap (it will be about 45 inches long). While burlap has a

very noticeable grain, I intentionally chose NOT to follow it, and recommend that you do the same. This affects

the way that it will fray.

2. Wrap it around the tip of the wire step and secure it with hot glue.

3. Wrap and glue it several time until it looks something like this:

4. (At this point in the tutorial, I felt it would be easier to understand if we took the pictures from over my

shoulder…so notice the changed point of view). Fold the strip backwards.

5. Pinch it in toward the stem…this is your first petal.

6. Make another fold and pinch it in as you slightly turn the stem clockwise.

handmade burlap flowers .

7. Secure these petals with a few daps of glue.

 8. Fold another petal…

9. …and another. Continue to turn your stem clockwise as you fold more petals.

10. Every couple of petals, add a dot of glue to hold them together.

11. Continue folding and glueing and glueing and folding.

12. Remember to continue turning your stem clockwise so that each new petal you fold is off-set from the last one.

13. Stop adding petals when you have 6-8 inches left of your burlap strip.

14. Wrap the remaining strip around the base of the rose counterclockwise. Add hot glue where necessary

Handmade crafts

15. Attach the end of the burlap so that the edge appears as one last petal, or fold it back one last time ans secure it with hot glue.

16. It will looks something like this:


18. Make more.

Handmade crafts


Handmade crafts