Handmade curtain of interlaced strips

How to make curtain of interlaced strips ?

 curtain of interlaced strips

Materials used :

*Organza fabric

* Scissors

 * Tape Measure

* Pencil

 * Pins – sewing needle and thread

 * Sewing machine

* Wooden curtain holder

Step 1. Cut fabric into strips 5 inch width. length as you like 

Step 2. Arrange strips on a flat surface in parallel

Step 3. Make tapes to be overlapping

Step 4. Install strips by pins

Step 5. Thread place curtain carrier by sewing needle

Step 5 . sewing all parts of the curtain by sewing machine

Step 7. Cut excess of cloth and remove thread and pins of the curtain

Step 8. Insert the holder in the curtain and install it on the window.


 curtain of interlaced strips