How to make Cute&Simple Owl

you will need 



Sewing Machine



Step 1  pattern 

The triangle A need to build the body and the face. The triangle B is used to build the belly of the owl.

Step 2 

With wrong side of fabric facing sew the two sides of the triangle A to the sides of the triangle B

Step 3 

The larger triangle will still have an open side. Fold the triangle A and add the left side to right side (the triangle B

is folded inside). Sew around the open side. 

The result is like the figure on the right.

Step 4 

Turn the owl on the right side and pin just above the small triangle. 

Then filled with stuffing. Stuffing should not fill the area enclosed by the needle.

Step 5 

To close the owl sew the bottom and pull the wire so the fabric curls. Close with some knot.

Step 6 

Remove the pin and fold the empty triangle to form the face of the owl. 

Sew or glue the eyes.


How to make Cute&Simple Owl