How to Make Easy handmade Jewelry for Girls – Making String Bracelet !!

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 Easy handmade Jewelry

Supplies needed for making the string bracelet:

Golden Spacer Bead

Crimp Bead

Lobster Claw Clasp

0.5mm Tiger Tail Wire

1mm Nylon Thread

Flat Nose Plier


Step1: Make the spacer bead strand

1st, cut a 50cm long wire and attach a crimp bead at 5cm from the end;

2nd, slide the spacer bead one after one;

3rd, stop when the beads strand almost twice the length of your wrist circumference;

4th, attach another crimp bead at end to stop beads from dropping and adjusting the tightness among beads on wire.

Watch Tutorial Here

Step2: Wrap on the string

1st, cut a length of 1mm nylon thread, measuring about 100cm;

2nd, fold it in half;

3rd, fold you beaded strand as picture shows and loop the thread around the area between first two beads. Bring one end going over the beaded strand and the other one going under;

4th, twist two ends together to turn the cord in opposite direction. Angling down to the next gap and repeat the process above;

Watch Tutorial Here

 Easy handmade Jewelry

5th, continue crossing over and filling in the gaps;

6th, remove the two crimp beads at ends and tie the two ends of tiger tail wire;

7th, secure two thread end with a tight knot. Make sure and then trim off any excess thread.

Step3: Attach the clasp

Open the jumprings and attach the clasp at end!

So, there you’ve your new string bracelet!