Handmade flower scarf 

wearing flower scarf add a touch of beauty to your clothes

flower scarf step by step . it is very easy and beautiful 

 Handmade flower scarf

Materials needed:

1/2 yard of 72″ Felt or Felted Wool (this measurement is to be safe… but you’ll end up with some extra here for



Needle and Coordinating Thread

*optional – Fast Grab Tacky Glue or Hot Glue

*optional – Small hook and eye

Step 1.  Cut everything out

Start by cutting your long scarf piece.

  You could certainly make it longer or shorter depending on how long you like to wear your scarves. (You’ll just

need to adjust the number of flowers you make.)

Step 2 Now, cut a scallop around the edge of your long scarf piece.  (This just adds to the fullness of your


Step 3 . circle cutting mania.

Each flower will have 6 circles.  With small declining sizes for each of the circles in between.

Step 4 : DO NOT spend the time cutting out perfect circles.  Just cut one for size, then hold it over your fabric

and cut

around it.

For a 42″ scarf you will need 13 flowers.  So, cut out 13 of each size.

Now scallop all of the circles.

If you like deep looking petals, cut deeper scallops.  If you want a subtle look, cut shallow scallops.  

Step 5 :

Assemble the Flowers

Stack your 5 largest circles.

Step 6 : Take your knotted needle and thread and come up through the stack of circles just off-center. 

Step 7 : Now go back down through the stack about 1/2 inch away, on the other side of center. 

Pull very tightly, you will see this gathers your flower up.

Fold your flower in half with the gather, and make another stitch right over the one you just made, again pulling

very tight.


Now make an X.  So you’ll make another stitch at one of the unused sides of center, and go back down 1/2 inch

or so away from that on the other side of center. 

Fold the flower in half with the gather and make another stitch directly over the one you just made.  Pull very

tight.  Really, don’t break your thread, but pull it very very tight to hold the gather in your flower.  

Tie a few strong knots, but do not cut your thread.

This is how your flower will look so far.

Take your smallest circle and gather it together.  You can do this a number of ways, but an easy way is to just

fold it in half, then fold it in half again.

Hold it in place where you want it on the center of your flower. 

Now stitch up from the bottom and grab that center piece at it’s point.  Secure it with at second stitch. 

Pull very tight and tie a strong and secure knot.

Cut thread and your flower is complete!!

Now repeat 12 more times.  🙂

Line up all of your flowers on your long scarf piece with the bottom layer of each flower overlapping a bit.  This is

what gives it the fullness.  Don’t be afraid to get them in there close together.

 Handmade flower scarf

Get all 13 flowers set on just where you like them then pin only the bottom layer of each flower to the scarf.

Stitch a small, but tight circle through the bottom layer of the scarf and flower.  Knot tightly.   Cut the thread as

you finish attaching each flower, and start new with the next flower. 

Continue until all 13 are attached.

I went around on each flower and added a bit of Fast Grab Tacky Glue to make sure they were held in place

firmly.  You could also use hot glue if you prefer.

Sew the hook on the longer side on the back of the scarf, and the eye, sort of tucked away beneath a flower, 

on the front of the shorter end of the scarf. 


 Handmade flower scarf