1. Branches.
  2. A vase.
  3. Glue gun.
  4. Cashew shell.
  5. Cotton.
  6. Yarn.
  7. acrylic paint.


Glue the half shell, weld gun to a twig. The good thing is every bit the shell so as to deny any protrusion twigs.

Twig looks good even with only glued shells, but if you want to do rozvetlé jívy illusion, you need to shell a little darker – best coat acrylic paint.

Apply color in a thin layer of, beautifully into the shell again, and rather than be superimposed, it natónuje nicely (ie still see shell structure).

From wool to make a small tufts and insert them into the shells. You do not even stick, holds it in them pretty well … but if you have a small home-harmful, so feel free and drop the shells into the glue.

At this stage I’m reminded a little twig of cotton and so I went out for inspiration and found that real cats, even if they are not blooming rather fits (and later just as yellow).