How to Make Foamirana Aster Flower – DIY Crafts !

In this article, you presented a master class on making asters of Thomas with their own hands. Beginners will be step by step instructions and pictures.


For work, we need the following materials:

1. Foamiran light pink;
2. Foamiran green;
3. Scissors;
4. Thermal gun with glue;
5. Iron;
6. Floss;
7. Compass;
8. Templates.

1. Cut the templates.

Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 1

2. pink foamirane with a compass draw a circle: in the middle we put a pencil, “draw” a circle compass needle. The radius of the circle:

R1 = 3,8 cm
R2 = 3,4 cm
R3 = 3 cm
R4 = 2,5 cm
R5 = 2,3 cm
R6 = 2cm
R7 = 1,8 cm
R8 = 1,5 cm


Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 2

3. Take the largest circle, fold in half. Make cuts along the fold with scissors on both sides. Then an incision in the center of our semicircle perpendicular to the first cut. It turns 4 cut, the circle is divided into 4 parts. Until the middle of no cut.

Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 3

4. Divide each piece in half and another incision.

Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 4

5. Repeat: an incision in half again between cuts.

Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 5

6. Rounded edges, giving it the shape of the petals. So we do with each round.

Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 6

7. Heat up each circle using iron (1 – 2 seconds).

Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 7

8. This is what happens.

Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 8

9. curl each petal.

Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 9

10. Gently straighten petals.

Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 10

11. Take the template-based, it is planned for the middle of the rough. Glue a piece of paper-based.

Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 11

12. Glue all three leaves.

Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 12

13. We take the largest part of our flower and glue to the middle of the base with leaves.

Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 13

14. Then next in size and detail as glue in the middle.

Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 14

15. The third circle.

Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 15

16. With each new piece of petals middle, becomes smaller, so you can attach the adhesive side of the back with a pencil eraser.

Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 16

17. The sixth circle of petals.

Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 17

18. Now narrower wand can be used for bonding (for example, fine brush).

Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 18

19. Attaching the smallest detail of the petals, gently put the point of the glue and close the midway.

Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 19

20. Bottom view.

Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 20

21. draw slips of veins toothpick.

Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 21

22. Our aster ready!

Astra-iz-foma-svoimi-rukami 22


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