We always like to see something good in front of us so we will do a basket of flowers from some simple tools

How to make handmade arts [Flower basket]

Handmade craft 2013

we will need to make this basket some materials it is found in our house

this materials 

Piece of soap large size or average.

Pins of the good kind- beads.

Satin bar, so that the color as desired to make handmade arts

Flowers to decorate

Step 1.

Drawing on a piece of soap installation pins in drawing place so that the pins close to the same distance in each drawing to make handmade works.

Step 2. 

After completing the installation pins in a good way tie satin tape tightly 

 Use a complete roll of tape satin so you do not have to reached another tape 

Link between pins by tape to hide the piece of soap in handmade arts

Complete decorating a piece of soap in the same way

 Upon completion of the first step complete decking band of another color from the top

to making the hand of the basket install a bar in a wire to make the crumbs as shown in the image

install the hand by pin in our handmade work

Final Touch add flowers to complement the decking

handmade works in various forms

handmade basket

handmae arts