How to Make Handmade Flowers out of Felt – DIY .

Felt is a versatile material, from it you can sew covers for phones , bags, photo frames, toys and crafts in the form of flowers of felt no exception, because it obtained a very believable and like living.

Cloves of felt home

To do this Master class with their own hands – a bouquet of roses need four sheets of red Korean soft felt of 20 to 30, 1.2 mm thick and 2 sheets of green felt. Also for thin aluminum wire stem is green, if not able to find the green wire, you can take the usual and decorate it with satin ribbon of green.

Cloves of felt 1

Bud first draw blank, it will be in the form of a circle whose diameter 7 cm and a diameter of the small circle of 2.5 cm.

Cloves of felt 2

Now transfer the workpiece on the felt. On one flower, we need 4 of the circle, but the circle of small diameter cut is not necessary, we just his excreta on the felt.

Cloves of felt 3

Cloves of felt 4

Next, the contour of the small circle we threading.

Cloves of felt 5

And tightens, then fasten thread.

Cloves of felt 6

Such preparations will need 4 pieces.

Cloves of felt 7

Then we gather them together and tightly fasten the thread, so they do not sprawling.

Cloves of felt 8

Flower bud ready and now go to the flower fastening to the wire. Draw and cut out a sketch.

Cloves of felt 9

Is transferred to the felt.

Cloves of felt 10

Then connect the edge of the seam over the edge.

Cloves of felt 11

Now prepare the wire stem length of about 30 cm out from the coils of wire using wire cutters to bite off the required length are bent end to the stem does not fall out.

Cloves of felt 12

Insert the wire into the workpiece.

Cloves of felt 13

Fills its synthetic padding, it is better to fill denser, firmer hold on to the wire, and the bud is not swayed from side to side.

Cloves of felt 14

Now glue the bud to the workpiece by means of an adhesive Melt.

Cloves of felt 15

And proceed to the decoration of the stem leaves. First, draw on the felt, if not confident in yourself, it is best to pre-draw the blank paper, and then later transferred to the felt.

Cloves of felt 16

Further, as a bud, we are sticking the leaves on the stem.

Cloves of felt 17

Likewise, the remaining 6 produce colors. We put them in a vase and admire the unfading beauty of felt gvozdichek.

Cloves of felt 18

Introduced a bouquet is a perfect gift for a birthday or you can make a bouquet of flowers from the felt.


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