How to Make Handmade Recycled Seeded Paper Flowers .

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Step 1 – Unpack your paper flower kit and you’ll see you have a number of die cut pieces of paper, just like these…

Step 2 – To make the flower, you need to carefully roll the paper from the end until you reach the middle  like this…

Step 3 – Once you have reached rolling to the middle part of the paper flower, you need to add the glue to the

large middle part.  Once you let go of the rolled flower, it will naturally unroll slightly, this is ok, as you want the

flower petals to look a little looser.

I find that lifting the rolled flower in one hand and squeezing a blob of glue under the rolled part works best.  You

then need to add another blob of glue to the rest of the middle part, and squeeze the flower together like this…

Step 4 – Leave the glue to set for 20 minutes; then start to bend your petals.  By moving and bending the petals,

you create a more natural look for your petals

Depending on which kit you have purchased, you can create fantastic button holes by glueing a pin to the back.

Home crafts