Headband made of fabric . we can reused any fabric to make beautiful accessories 

Materials used :






*safety pin


*sewing machine

– two rectangular pieces of fabric: a big one of 40cm x 12cm and a smaller one of 20cm x 6cm (seams included)

Step one: Lengthwise, iron in the seams of the bigger piece, folding over the fabric twice (about 7mm). Next,

with the right sides to each other fold the smaller piece in two, lengthwise and iron flat. (pic. 2 and 3)

Step 2: Sew the seams about 5mm from the edge. (pic. 4 and 5)


Step 3: Turn inside out the smaller piece, using the safety pin (pic. 6). Slide in the elastic, also using the safety

pin (pic.7). Secure with pins on both sides and then sew to secure (pic.8).

Step 4: Fold over the bigger piece as shown in pic. 9, such that its width becomes a little more than twice the

with of the smaller piece with elastic. Secure by sewing a couple of stitches near the edge (pic.10).

Step 5: On one end, put the elastic part on top of the bigger piece, the bigger piece being right side up (pic.

11). Squeeze the elastic part in between by folding over fabric from the sides and secure with pins (pic. 12).

Next, sew it closed (pic. 13). Repeat at the other end (pic. 14) – before doing so check one more time for the



 headband of fabric

 headband of fabric