How to Make Lily from plastic spoons – DIY !

We made flowers from plastic spoons , but today I will show you how a water lily is created. Crafts are very similar, especially flowers are made using the same method, but the design is different. For a water lily of plastic spoons, you need a lot of other material to create leaves and decorations. Such an odd thing is sure to float on the water and the kids will be able to play it while bathing.

Lily from plastic spoons

We will focus our attention not on creating the flower itself from spoons, it is done easily and logically for everyone, but on the embodiment of the water lily leaves and its decoration. Be sure to buy only quality materials, which would make the homemade look beautiful and original.

Material for creating a lily from plastic spoons:

Plastic spoons.
– Plastic plates.
– Scissors.
– Shiloh.
– Glue gun.
– Heavy nylon thread.
– Fittings for beauty.

Prepare all the necessary material at once and begin to do hand-made articles. Immediately make a lily of plastic spoons, just glue the gun glue the spoons around and make a flower.

Lily from plastic spoons 1

Cut out the circles and make holes on the rims, with their help we will connect these circles.

Lily from plastic spoons 2

The main central circle is made a little more and from expanded polystyrene or similar material. Sew all the parts, it’s not difficult.

Lily from plastic spoons 3

We have already created the lily from the spoons and glued it to the base. On one green side, make a couple of seams with green threads, it will be like algae and decorate them with flowers.

Lily from plastic spoons 4

We glue the ladybug from the other side. It’s all for beauty.

Lily from plastic spoons 5

This is how the lily and ornaments look next to it.

Lily from plastic spoons 6

We launch our craft on water and check that it does not drown.

Lily from plastic spoons 7

We created such a plastic flower . It is done very easily, the main thing is to include imagination.

Lily from plastic spoons 8

Lily from plastic spoons 9

You can also do not from spoons, but lily from plastic bottles , but there you will need to cut the petals separately. Just try and make an elephant made of polymer clay . Create crafts as often as possible.


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