Handmade magic wand for your children 

Handmade magic wand


Dowel, 18″ long



Glitter paint in gold

Fiberfill fluff

Needle and thread

You’re A Star card

Gold sequins, 8mm


After gathering your materials…


Step 1: Paint dowel with glitter paint -you’re going to want 2-3 coats. If you’re in a rush -metallic paint only takes

one coat. But you know that glitter is worth it.

Step 2: Glue a small ball of fluff around the tip of the dowel and hold till dried. This little ball is what holds the

dowel in the star.

Step 3: To make the pocket of the star -snip the top tip off then use your needle and thread to start sewing on

sequins to the pocket and back of the star.

Step 4: Stack the three stars together. Start stitching on the base of the star just over to the left of where the dowel

will sit.


 Step 5: Continue stitching all around, clockwise until you get to the 5th point of the star. Stuff a little of the fluff

in each of the points -I use the point of my scissors to help guide the fluff. And no need to over fluff!. Finally stick

the dowel in and stitch closed.

Handmade magic wand

Step 6: Roll or fold the You’re A Star card and insert in the pocket. A little bag of glitter, love note or a

gift card would be a perfect match as well. You’re done and ready for magic!