handmade mini Jewellery

we will need 

* beads

* thread 



Step 1. , pass 100cm of thread through a 4mm AB bead. Leave a tail of 15cm. Take the thread twice round each

side of the bead.

Step 2. Pick up a gold rocaille.

Step 3. Pass your needle under the threads on one side of the 4mm AB bead. 

Going in where you came out, thread back through the rocaille. Pull taught. The rocaille should now be sitting on

it’s end. Continue adding rocailles in this way until you are back at the beginning. They should fit comfortably


without being crowded. Finish off the row by passing the needle down through the first rocaille and up through

the last one you added.

handmade mini Jewellery

Step 3. Use the same method to make the 

second row with ruby rocailles, catching the thread between the beads on the row below to hold. When the

second row is complete, weave the needle down through the rocailles and through the central AB bead. Tie your

2 ends together several times. Weave 1 end and then the other through a few rocailles. Trim off any excess. 

Make 4 more mandalas in exactly the same way. Then make 5 more but use black rocailles for the central row and

ruby rocailles for the outer row.


Make 2 mandalas, in the same way as you did for the necklace, with gold as the central colour and ruby as the

outer colour. Then make 2 more with black as the central colour and ruby as the outer colour. The bracelet is

assembled in a similar way to the necklace with sections of gold rocailles separating the mandalas and the black

rocaille, AB bead and black rocaille sequence. This time use only 10 gold rocailles instead of 20. As before, start

with a stop bead. When you have added the last mandala or bead sequence, add just 1 more gold rocaille

andmake it into a stop bead at the end. 

Add a calotte to each end over the stop beads. To do this, simply place the stop bead in the centre of the

calotte and, using pliers, press shut.

Add the trigger clasp to 1 calotte by placing the clasp loop onto the calotte hook and pressing it flat. Add a jump

ring to the other calotte.


Make 2 mandalas as before, with gold as the central colour and ruby as the outer colour. Place a dab of superglue

onto a flat stud and press a mandala on top. Repeat with the other 

This is how your finished items should look!