Handmade sequin Clutch

Handmade sequin Clutch

Materials needed:

– pre-strung sequins – this clutch used about 40 yards

– 1/2 yard cotton fabric

– 1/2 yard heavy fusible interfacing

– sewing thread – to match the sequins and/or fabric

– sewing needle

– 7 inch zipper

– 2 3/4 inch D rings (optional, so you can add a strap later if you’d like)

– sewing pins, scissors, iron, pencil, general sewing basics

– pattern

Trace the pattern (not the side panels) onto the cotton fabric. The ‘bullseye’ is a series of guidelines for sewing the

sequins down.

Cut the pattern pieces from fusible interfacing.

Start sewing the sequins from the center of the bullseye 

Be sure to save any sequins you pull off of the strand – you’ll need them later!

Eventually it will look like this. Keep going until the sewing line is right up to the edge of the flap so the sequins

will hang over the edge just a little. Be sure to stop before you sew into the seam allowance.

On the last row of the bullseye stitch sequins down until you reach a side seam allowance. Don’t stitch over the

line for the seam allowance – keep all of your stitches on the outside of the bag and none in the seam.

Finish your tails toward into the seam allowance when you end your strand. It’s okay to sew into the seam

allowance here.

Fold the fabric back along the line between the face and the seam allowance. Remember the loose sequins you’ve

been saving? Stitch those in anywhere that you can see the backing fabric.

It should look similar to this.


Trim down to the seam allowance.


Handmade sequin Clutch