Materials used :

Matching Thread

Cutting board

Grid Ruler

Rotary Cutter

Sewing Supplies

Knit Jersey Fabric

You are going to cut the headband perpendicular to the jersey lines in the fabric. Make sure you get a clean edge

on both sides. I like to make my headbands 3-4 inches wide. They will roll on the edges so they won’t appear as

big once they are being worn. If you are making a headband for a really tiny baby you may want to make the

width closer to 2-2.5 inches. Cut the headband longer than you think you will need, that way you can get just

the right size for your little one.

Wrap the fabric around your child’s head. Hold the fabric where it overlaps and make sure it is really snug. The

fabric will stretch when it is worn. Then hold the fabric or pin it where you want the seam to be. Do a simple zig-

zag stitch on your sewing machine (with no back stitching). Try the headband back on your child and make sure

it fits. If it is too big or too small simply unpick and try again.

Once you have the headband the perfect size take a pair of fabric scissors and trim the excess fabric on each side

of the zig-zag seam. Trim it fairly close, but not quite to the stitching.

Go back over the seam with a slightly wider zig-zag stitch to catch the whole seam, this time you will back stitch.

Roll the edges of the seam to an amount you think looks good. The more you roll on the seam, the more the

rest of the headband will roll. I like to roll just a little bit.

Hold the rolls in place and stitch over them with another zig-zag stitch. Back stitch over the rolls to make sure the

seam is secured.

Now, on to the flowers! If you are talented at cutting perfect circles… then lucky you! I need help in that

department. I trace a cup onto a piece of paper then cut it out for a pattern. Fold the fabric over several times

then hand cut, or use a pattern to cut out circles. You can make the flowers however big or small you like. I like

my biggest circles to be about 2.5-3 inches across. You can also make one flower bigger than the other if you

like! Be creative!

Perfect circles!


For each flower you will want about 4 big circles, 4 medium circles, 2 small circles, and 1 baby circle. I cut the

smaller circles out by hand.. can you tell? ;) Each layer set should be about 1/8-1/4 smaller than the circle behind


Once you have your flowers all laid out you will do a simple stitch to sew the layers together. You are going to

make an X in the center. Starting in the back: stitch one direction, making sure to catch all the layers and leave a

long tail. Then come back out on the bottom and stitch the opposite direction. Then clip the needle from the

thread. You should have 2 long tails.

Pull both of the tails very tight and tie a few knots to secure it. Then trim the tails down.

Scrunch different sections of the flower on top to create that beautiful petal shape.

Perfect! Moving on…

The next step is to attach the flowers to the headband. Fold the headband so the seam is exactly in the center

back. You will place the flowers right in the center of the front. See where my finger is pointing? ;)

Play around with the placement and pin the flowers on to see how it looks. Don’t try the headband on your baby

while the pins are in.. We don’t want any injuries!


Once you have a placement you like, hand stitch the flowers onto the headband. Use 4-5 stitches going through

several layers of the flower to secure it. I like to place my flowers pretty close so they are kind of smooshed


Once the flowers are on, trim all the threads… and you’re done!