Handmade Table Runner ! !

Table Runner

Materials used:

A yard or two of burlap, depending on the length of your runner

A yard of cotton or other accent fabric for your ruffle



Sewing machine, needle and thread or fabric glue

Liquid seam sealer, such as Fray Check

Optional: cutting mat and rotary cutter

Step 1. First, determine the width and length of your runner. Make a cut in the burlap and pull apart slightly

revealing one of the threads.

Gently pull on this thread, working it out of the fabric all the way across the piece.


You’ll be left with a perfect line to cut along. 

I used the long finished edge on one side. The burlap will fray so you’ll need to use a line of liquid seam sealer or

stitch down the side. If you don’t mind the frayed look you can leave it raw.

Determine the width of your ruffle . As a rule you want about twice the width for the ruffle. For example, if the

width of your runner is 18 inches, you should cut your ruffle material 36 inches long. 

Sew a long running stitch down one side of your ruffle. Do this on your sewing machine using the longest stitch

length. I did this down the unfinished side. The other side of my sheet has a nice finished edge so there’s no

need for hemming.

If you don’t have a sewing machine, use a needle and thread and make a long running stitch down one edge of

the cotton.

If your cotton does not have a finished edge you can leave it raw or make a small hem by folding up twice about

1/4 inch and sewing or gluing down.

Once you’ve sewn your running stitch along the length of the ruffle, pull the bottom thread gently and work

your way across the fabric to create a ruffle.

You can move the gathers around until you are happy with the way the ruffle looks. Do this until the ruffle is the

same width as your runner.

Table Runner

Pin the ruffles on the right side (the good side) facing the front of the runner.


Stitch the ruffle to the runner. If you aren’t using a sewing machine you can hand-sew this or carefully glue the

ruffle to the burlap. If you are using fabric glue, let it dry completely.

Flip your ruffle to the right side and iron it to flatten the seam.