Handmade Bracelets !!

Here’s what you’ll need.

Some hemp cording or strong yarn


Beading cement

Tape measure


Step 1:  Determine what size bracelet you want. In the pictures here I’ve made a single bracelet, a double wrap and a triple wrap. For the single bracelet, measure your wrist to determine how long your base strand needs to be. Mine is 7″, however you need to add a bit extra for your first knot and room to tie your last knot. So I cut my base cord at 10 inches. For a double wrap I would cut at 17 inches and a triple wrap I would cut at 24 inches. Remember, your sizes may be different depending on the size of your wrist. So be sure to measure.

Step 2:  Now that you know the size of your base cord where you’ll be placing your beads, you need to cut the cord that will wrap around and in between the beads. Whatever size your base cord is, the outer cords will be triple the length. So fold your cord in half so one end has a loop and measure out triple of whatever your base is. For example, my single base is 10 inches, so the folded outer cord will be 30 inches in length, (or 60 inches unfolded). I know that seems like a lot, but you need enough to make all the knots between your beads. You may end up with a bunch left over to cut off, but better more to cut off than running out of cord in the middle of your bracelet, right?

Step 3:  Take your single bead base cord and tie a knot at the base of the double outer cords like shown above.

Step 4:  Then tie a knot with the whole thing around itself. Cut off any excess cord as shown below.

Step 5:  Add a little cement to your knot to make sure everything will stay in place. Let dry.

Step 6:  Working on a flat surface, start with the end loop closest to you and place the excess cords moving away from you. Add your bead, then take your right cord and move it under the middle base cord and take your left cord and move it over the middle cord like shown below.

Step 7:  Take the end of the right cord and push it through and under the left loop as shown below.

Step  8:  Take the end of the left cord and bring it under and through the right loop as shown below.

Step 9:  Pull both right and left cords tight to bring in your knot.

Step 10:  For the next knot you’re going to reverse the process so it will be right cord over middle, left cord under. Right cord under and through left loop and left cord over and through right loop. It all sounds a bit complicated until you actually do it. Then you’ll see how easy it is and you’ll be doing it in your sleep.

Step 11:  Now here’s where you can either add a bead or add one more knot before you add a bead, depending on how many knots you want to appear between your beads. If you choose to make one more knot, reverse the process again so you’re back to left cord over middle and right cord under and repeat process. Once you have the number of knots you want, add a your next bead and repeat the process. Continue knotting and adding beads until you’re at the length you want.

Step 12:  Once you come to the length you want, cut off any excess and tie a knot with a little excess remaining. Your knot needs to be small enough to fit through your original loop to clasp your bracelet around your wrist, but big enough that it won’t slip out.

Handmade Bracelets !!