Handmade necklace add touch of beauty for you !

How to make beaded necklace !!

Handmade necklace

Materials needed:

– seed beads

– thread

– beading needle

– sharp scissors

– jump ring

– necklace chain with clasp

This is the pattern . Feel free to use it as well

Step 1

String on your first row of beads.

Step 2

Turn, and work back, being careful not to twist your piece.

Continue working back and forth until the desired width is reached, and be sure to stop at the end of a pattern repeat.

Handmade necklace

Stitch the piece closed. If your necklace already has a clasp you might want to stitch this closed around the chain

instead of threading it on later.

Weave your tails in well and trim the threads.


Slide the bead onto the chain and wear it!