How to Make Vegetable Polymer Clay – DIY !

I will tell you in step by step photo instructions describing how to sculpt clay vegetables from their own hands. This master class is very useful to make small children, they develop his skills and also learn a lot about the different vegetables. Though in the distributions and the need to use a smaller Circuits, but adults must assist in this process. The creation of plasticine vegetables took about 30 minutes. Creation a bit like our past product, namely chaser food from clay .

Vegetables from plasticine primary

Plasticine vegetables

Prepare more colors plasticine, I took the right: orange, green, red, purple, brown. Depending on the vegetables that you will need to create a certain color and material. And yet, from the very beginning it is necessary to determine the size of all new vegetables, which would then, they were all the same.

Vegetables plasticine 1

Carrot plasticine

From the outset, the Blind carrot, it will need orange and green colors. Immediately roll the bulk of it will be a small cone.

Vegetables plasticine 2

The first part of the article has done, move on to the second. Roll out a long, thin green sausage.

Vegetables plasticine 3

Cut green twig into equal parts.

Vegetables plasticine 4

Form a green part of the carrot, it leaves.

Vegetables plasticine 5

At the end of a small incision over the entire surface.

Vegetables plasticine 6

Tomato from plasticine

The next step we will create a tomato from clay, two pieces. Roll the two red balls.

Vegetables plasticine 7

With the help of the round knife make a small hollow.

Plasticine vegetables 8

That’s how it looks. On the one made at the other not, what would you see the difference.

Plasticine vegetables 9

Similarly in the second cavity to do that it would stick in her green tail.

Vegetables plasticine 10

Make two green flat circle and two thin sticks.

Plasticine vegetables 11

In the hollow of Prilep on the same circle.

Plasticine vegetables 12

Top Nalepa tails.

Plasticine vegetables 13

Sinenkie plasticine

Next, create a little blue clay of one piece. Immediately make a purple ball and a tomato for the green circle with the flat stick.

Plasticine vegetables 14

Form the main part in the form of oval, where one part of a much larger than the other, narrowed.

Plasticine vegetables 15

On the side which is smaller than the circle to stick.

Plasticine vegetables 16

On top of a green tail.

Plasticine vegetables 17

Potatoes from plasticine

It remains only to make the potatoes out of plasticine . Roll the balls in the beginning.

Plasticine vegetables 18

Then make small balls out of the ovals. I have done two things, then I realized that the best three and completed one another in the future.

Vegetables plasticine 19

Here’s a turned molding plasticine vegetables with your hands. Still a lot of species that can be created.

Vegetables plasticine 20

Vegetables plasticine 21


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