How to Recycle Old Clothes !!

Fabric crafts

recycling old clothes


– Old clothes.

– Sewing machine

– Scissors.


Step 1: Remove partially old clothes.

Step 2: Cut clothes into square (4cm x 4cm)

 Step 3: Fold the square in half to have triangle shape.

Step 4: Fold in half again.

 Step 5: Cut clothes in to 2 equal rectangles or oval… ( shapes

that you want to have your rug)

Step 6: Sew the folding fabric on the fabric, sew along large side of the triangles from outside of the fabric.

I sew each round with the same color, and outside round with pink fabric. We have:

Sew next round with blue fabric. We have:

recycling old clothes

Repeat step 6 until fill up the rug, we have.

Step 7: Sew the 2 parts together to have the flower rug. You can make it to have flower pillow….