You’ll be able to see what you need and decorate at the same time.

recycle the empty jars !!

You Will Need :

*Small Plastic Bags

*Q Tips

*Red & White Paint And Brush

*Glass Jar

*Protective Spray

Step 1- 

Clean out jars, remove labels, and dry them well.

Step 2- 

With lid off the jar, place small sandwich size baggie over the jar. So the bottom of the baggie is covering the

opening of the jar. Replace lid.

Step 3-

Start painting the lids red (or whatever color you’d like).

You don’t have to worry about trying to hold the tiny lid without getting paint on your hand or on the glass,

because that’s what the baggie is there for 🙂

Step 4-

Let final color coat dry over night just to make sure it is dry.

You don’t want to rush it and have your white spots turning colors.

Step 5-

Get your white paint and squirt a little on a napkin, then dip your Q-Tip in the paint and dot your lids with it. Dip

your Q-Tip back in the paint every so often.

Let dry and then remove the plastic baggies.

The dots don’t have to be too evenly spaced or sized. You can get really creative with it.

Let each coat of paint dry so that when you touch it, it isn’t sticky anymore. Then apply another coat.

recycle the empty jars !!

Step 7-

If you want to you can keep the baggies on the jars and spray a sealer on them, that will help keep the paint

from being scuffed of rubbed off.

You could also use some brush on glaze, but let the jars dry for a day or so to be absolutely sure the colors wont



recycle the empty jars !!