How to weave bracelet beads circuit for beginners and beautiful fashion

When all the shops aside, a really interesting and unique accessory is found, do not despair. The best way to treat yourself and add zest to your image – to make jewelry. Beaded Bracelets will never go out of style. They are renowned for their easy fabrication and low cost. This yields an original and suitable to your taste enhancement with their hands. First you need to try a lighter model, but no less spectacular.

How to weave bracelet beads home


To prepare the necessary fishing line, are two kinds of beads (small and medium-sized). As you can see, the cost will be very small. Pick combine the colors or the same color of the same color, but different shades that bracelet did not look bored or far from harmonious.

The bracelet will do from fishing line, folded twice, so it did not look easy and could play with a pattern. So you need to choose the right size. Measure your wrist. One bracelet – size two wrist, plus a few extra centimeters to the fastener. Fold the line in half.

How to weave bracelet beads 1

Now, the line should be vdet first bead of medium size. To this end, the two ends of the fishing line through the thread the beads. The right fishing line need vdet to the left side, and the left – to the right. Keep hand bracelet on both sides, so that it is not twisted.

How to weave bracelet beads 2

Do not forget to keep the end in order to obtain a clean bracelet.

How to weave bracelet beads 3

Pull the bead to the edge and check that it is smooth, and the ends of the fishing line were at the same distance. If not, then you need to remove the bead and do the previous paragraph again. Not always everything goes right the first time.

How to weave bracelet beads 4

Next you need to string on each side of three small beads. We should choose the beads of the same size that pattern was not distorted. You can buy beads selected, the same size, but it will cost significantly more.

How to weave bracelet beads 5

Further, to secure the pattern, you need to do the first act, strung one middle bead .
It turns a neat circle.

How to weave beaded bracelet 6

We need to continue repeating the previous steps in order to get the same rings.

How to weave beaded bracelet 7

During operation, you need to fit the strap to the hand, to find out when it will be enough. The extra couple of centimeters left to tie the bracelet. Since it is for beginners, we will not use clips. You just need to push one end of the fishing line to the starting side and tie a few knots strong.

How to weave bracelet beads 8

Check to see if your hand is easy to get into this bracelet can. Units will not be untied and push into the skin, as after tying them need a little lighter to set fire to the fire melted the line slightly and it is soldered.

That such is obtained bracelet.

How to weave bracelet beads 9

This bracelet would be the best gift or as a pleasant surprise to herself. Its production will not take too much time. You can experiment with colors and patterns. The bracelet can be made larger by using all the big beads, or miniature, if only to string small beads. Experiment to find something different, original.

How to weave bracelet beads 10

How to weave bracelet beads 11

How to weave bracelet beads 12


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